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Frilled SharkFrilled Shark


The picture above is a frilled shark, a kind of shark that lived in the era of the dinosaurs. We don't know how many are in its population - not even if we try 'about' as a safety line. We think the teeth are designed to bite soft-bodied prey likr squid and various fish. We think.

The latest example was caught by accident in survey nets off Portugal. The EU trying to find what's there and how much money they can make out of it. It was caught from about 1000 feet down.

The shark has a long, snake-like body and a head like a snake.

Scientists being so superior to us say this is where sailors may have gotten the idea of sea serpents.

So something that has a head that looks like a snake followed by a body that looks like a snake's 'gave the idea' of a sea serpent. S sea serpent is something which has a serpent's head followed by a serpent's body.

The real reason it's put that way is because Scientism has to say the people were wrong. They spent generations saying there was no such thing as a sea serpent. Then this thing shows up and they can't admit they were wrong. So they had to pin it down to words.

They call it something different so they can pretend they were first. That is more important to them than actually living up to the facts.

It happens again and again because they are science woke and all of us are ignorant and stupid. We don't know what they, the superior ones do.

So, science gave us the airplane - no, wait, the airplane came from two bicycle makers.

But science gave us the steam engine - no, wait, the steam engine was in general use for about 20 years before science worked out its principles.

But science gave us the study of the stars - no, astrology did that.

But science gave us the aspirin - no, you took that from Native Americans.

But science taught us to take aspirin to thin the blood - no, that came from professional wrestling where is was used to make small cut bleed a lot.

But science denied the sea serpent and the kraken and both of them were then discovered and science never gave the apology they still owe the rest of the world.

Giant squidGiant squid


Frilled SharkFrilled Shark

Science told you they're not real, and you are not allowed to disagree.


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